Trying to imagine Beverly Hills Cop without Eddie Murphy is as hard as it is pointless, since there's no way anyone would give a shit about this film if Murphy wasn't in it. Good thing we don't have to imagine that, then, because the movie did (sort of) get made again with the guy who almost played the main character instead of Murphy. Here he is:

Now we want you to imagine what the recording of that song looked like. It's 1971, you're making a track for a movie about a black detective, and it's being sung by Isaac Hayes:

She claims the dispute started over an event in London today celebrating Goldfinger. The organisers of Goldfinger Day withdrew an invitation to her, saying that Miss Eaton had ‘been difficult’ about her attending.

In the 1990s Mojo magazine voted Aretha Franklin the greatest singer of all time and it's a view echoed by many people who've been enthralled by electrifying records ...

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