In 2001 he won Milan-Sanremo a fourth time, the most since cycling legend Eddy Merckx , earning him the nickname Signore Milano-Sanremo in Italy. He won the points classification in the Tour de France a sixth consecutive time, winning three stages furthermore. Zabel's unique streak of six green jerseys was owed to his all-round ability: he was one of the strongest sprinters, but could also climb reasonably well. This meant that, apart from taking the lead in the general classification in the Tour de France thanks to time bonuses, he could pick up further victories when other sprinters had retired and take the green jersey (as symbol for the leader of the points classification) to Paris . One memorable victory in securing the green jersey was in the 2001 Tour de France , when his competition with Australian Stuart O'Grady lasted from the first week until the final stage in Paris , where Zabel's better placing took the green jersey off O'Grady's shoulders. Later that summer, he also won the HEW Cyclassics , Germany's biggest one-day classic, and his seventh World Cup race. In September he won three stages, consecutive, in the Vuelta a España and was fifth in the World Championship road race in Lisbon .

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Pinafore opened in New York on 1 December 1879 and ran for the rest of December. After a reasonably strong first week, audiences quickly fell off, since most New Yorkers had already seen local productions of Pinafore . [30] This was unexpected and forced Gilbert and Sullivan to race to complete and rehearse their new opera, The Pirates of Penzance . [21] The work's title is a multi-layered joke. On the one hand, Penzance was a docile seaside resort in 1879, and not the place where one would expect to encounter pirates. [31] On the other hand, the title was also a jab at the theatrical "pirates" who had staged unlicensed productions of . Pinafore in America. [32] [33] To secure the British copyright , [34] a D'Oyly Carte touring company gave a perfunctory copyright performance of Pirates the afternoon before the New York premiere, at the Royal Bijou Theatre in Paignton , Devon, organised by Helen Lenoir , who would later marry Richard D'Oyly Carte. The cast, which was performing Pinafore in the evenings in Torquay , received some of the music for Pirates only two days beforehand. Having had only one rehearsal, they travelled to nearby Paignton for the matinee, where they read their parts from scripts carried onto the stage, making do with whatever costumes they had on hand. [35]

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Lincoln understood that the war could not be won by piece-meal military efforts, but required the Anaconda Plan to squeeze on all military fronts simultaneously. McPherson argued that Lincoln quickly absorbed the lessons of major military strategists and came to his own conclusions about the importance of coordination: “Because of the Confederacy’s basic military strategy was to defend the territory that lay behind its frontier, Southern armies had the advantage of interior lines. That advantage enabled them to shift reinforcements from inactive to active fronts, as they had done at Manassas in July 1861. This concentration in space could be overcome only if the Union employed its greater numbers…to attack on two or more fronts at once – concentration in time.” 19 Lincoln understood that action as well as strategy was required. Historian Michael Burlingame wrote: “Many army officers doubted that Scott’s policy was energetic enough and thought he wasted time in excessive preparation.” 20 Burlingame noted: “Lincoln gradually began to depend more on his own judgment.” 21

Franz Marszalek - Der BettelstudentFranz Marszalek - Der BettelstudentFranz Marszalek - Der BettelstudentFranz Marszalek - Der Bettelstudent