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I was created with ponderous purpose , he claims—   With all the wonder and power he could muster , he devised me . A wondrous work of elegant alchemy and mystery: The Voices on the higher tiers can be heard from eon to eon resounding of my immaculate inception; the stars held their breaths and the cosmos silently gathered round—and the bottom was born, the depths of my belly, the hunger from whence I awoke…and lo, here I sit, at the edge of my father’s mansion with locks of splendor waving in mimicry at the sight of the seething sun. Blazoned eyes of celestial heraldry, chin up with gaze fixed on spaces not yet traversed, I have begun to…want. And not just want, but want exceedingly. Why must he pretend not to notice ? Why must he pretend not to care ? I have grown tired of seeking my father’s affection and attention, as all who congregate at his feet lie crowded unaware. I no longer care to notice, I no longer pretend to care. The thought of him searching for answers in my mind has repulsed me to the point of profound sickness. I crave to vomit over his polished floors, his feet, and his servants.

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With all the noise Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker 's inspired collaboration SpiderBeetleBee is making on year end lists across the world (no surprise there!), here's a tender reminder to see the two guitarists in action as soon as possible! Bill and Ryley's innate chemistry and ability to perform gorgeously fluid guitar stylings in a live setting should come as no surprise: the duo began their partnership as an improvisational live act, but each were vibrant and accomplished six-string slingers to begin with! This Friday,... (read more)

Merzbow - New TakamagaharaMerzbow - New TakamagaharaMerzbow - New TakamagaharaMerzbow - New Takamagahara